Thursday, 12 April 2007

Who Do You Think You Are?

The Society of Genealogist Fair have teamed to host the Who Do you think you are ? Live

The entrance fee has increased from £8 to £20 per person, but there is a special offer on at the moment of 2 for £20 + a £1.30 service charge. The venue has changed this year and is the price includes the costs of any of the workshops. (To get the special ticket price you need to book by 22nd April)

I've been pondering if to attend. I usually make the effort to the usual SOG fair at the beginning of May and tie it in with a small dollop of retail therapy at Guildford and see some relatives. Hubby doesn't think he'll come to the venue, which happens to be Olympia this year, but will go fishing at a fishery he has been itching to try.

Are there any other Genealogical Book Crossers going?

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