Wednesday, 26 December 2007

KIilling Cousins by Rett Macpherson

Torie's mother marries Colin Brooke the town sherrif. Colin also owns the loval antique shop, and has purchased the contents of a local well known recluse and asks Torie to catalogue them while he is on his honeymoon. Meanwhile, Sylvia of the local historical society asks Torie to write a biography of the same local recluse - a lady called Catherine Finch. What unfolds is that Catherine's youngest child, 60 odd years ago vanished from his bed.....meanwhile a man is found dead in a derilict building that is just about to be demolished. Did he die from natural causes or was he murdered? Either way he is the nephew of Catherine Finch, the coincidences stack up and whetting Torie's appetite for investigation. Then the demolishion crew find the remains of a young baby....the plot gets thicker and thicker.....

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