Tuesday, 7 December 2010

AVG - Anti-Virus Programme

I have used AVG for anti-virus for about 10 years and always upgraded at the point of when the upgrades are released. This year was no exception for attempting the upgrade, the issue was the success of the upgrade.

I have spent a huge amount of the last 3 days removing the last version and installing the new version. Each time, as usual the machine needs to shut down and reboot. The problem occurred when each time the reboot happened that there was no evidence of the new version. I trawled through the online AVG forums and there were references that others had had this issue of remove old, install new, reboot and then repeat, with no success of actually loading the new program.

I was simply grateful that I was trying to update my desktop PC running XP rather than my laptop on Vista.

I finally had success - Hooray!

1. Read http://www.avg.com/ww-en/faq?num=3262#faq_3262
and check that you have administrator facilities on your computer

2. Install the 2011 programme via

3. Make sure that the files are not still lingering on your PC - check Program files AND in documents and settings deleting any references to AVG 7, AVG 8, AVG 9 and Grisoft. (I had some as Grisoft and almost missed it)

4. Then ensure that ALL evidence of previous versions is removed from the computer registry by visiting http://www.avg.com/ww-en/download-tools (use 32 bit if your not sure of 32 or 64.)

5. You MIGHT need to re do point 2 and that is fine!

I completed the above steps for my XP desktop and my Vista laptop.

Disclaimer: I am not a shareholder in AVG, just a satisfied (and temporarily frustrated AVG user!). I am no computer expert, if I had been it would not have taken me 3 days! so follow the above advice with caution and please do not email me with hate emails if it goes wrong, but I successfully managed it!

Good luck!

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