Monday, 10 September 2012

Sirens of Paris by David Leroy

The story is set in War torn Paris during the Second World War. Marc is an American, who truly wants to be an artist, ventures to France and is soon caught up in the ex pat world.

These are dangerous times and all too soon Marc is swept away in a world at War whilst many of his country men have fled home.  Marc experiences love and working for the Resistance. He also experiences betrayal from the one person he believed he could trust.

The book is bought to life by the amount of  research undertaken by the author. There are some very descriptive pieces about historical events such as the sinking of HMS Lancastria.

The plot is gripping and in many ways thought provoking.


  1. I found it both enjoyable and depressing in turns.

    1. I would agree, it was thought provoking for me. I reflected on my Aunt, a German ,who married my Uncle after the war. They met in Germany. I have so many questions that I could have asked, but the war was something many wanted to put behind them & now it is too late......

  2. Growing up in a war home is difficult. Drapes are always closed for some unknown reason, that you realize the parent will never tell the child.


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