Friday, 30 November 2012

Book Blogger Hop - 30th November - 6th December

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome to the Book Blogger Hop!
Hashtag: #BookBloggerHop

Book Blogger Hop is the creation of Jen from Crazy for Books. Since October, the weekly hop has been hosted by a variety of book bloggers all across the globe and for the next two weeks, the hop is visiting Anglers Rest!

So, without further ado....

Question - Apart from being readers, many of us collect books on a specific subject or by a particular author. What books or which author do you collect?

My Answer - I have a pretty substantial collection of genealogical type books. I also collect books about Italian communities in the United Kingdom. One of my favourite author's is Jennifer Chiaverini, known for the series of quilting books set in the fictional quilting retreat known as Elm Creek. I have a complete set of Elm Creek books.

Link back YOUR Friday Book Blogger post and then try to visit at least 3 other sites and comment - hops are a great opportunity to meet new bloggers! (Once you submit your link, you'll need to refresh the page to see your link added to the list).


  1. Thanks for the question. Nice answer.

    I haven't posted yet because I didn't see the question. I will do that and add my link.

    I have a review of The Secret Keeper on my blog and also a review and e-book giveaway of Murder Takes Time on my blog if you want to stop by for that as well.

    Silver's Reviews

  2. Interesting question. It made me take stock of the different groups of books on my shelf. Some I don't think of as "collections" but I know I can't part with them!

  3. Thanks for hosting this week (and for the next week). The linky won't work for me. I keep submitting my link but I don't see it posted :(

    Oh can check my blog for my answer.


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