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52 Ancestors:# 1 ~ Mary King nee Budd (1744 - 1817)

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks
No Story Too Small
This post is for week 1 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge by Amy Crow from No Story Too Small.

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Mary King nee Budd was the sister to my several times Great Grandfather, Richard Budd. Mary was born in Puttenham Surrey in 1744 the youngest of 8 children born to Henry Budd and his wife Martha Otway.

Mary married John King in Puttenham in 1767 and together John and Mary raised a family 10 children (9 girls and 1 boy). Each of their offspring spent time in India and have over the years given me a huge amount of insight into the lives of women at this period of time.

John King died in 1803 and Mary died in 1817. From what I can establish at the moment, John did not leave a will.

Courtesy of Ancestry - Parish Records Puttenham Surrey Burials 1817

Recently Ancestry has published the Probate records and a quick search revealed that Mary left a will when she died.

Courtesy of Ancestry - Probate Record 1817

Courtesy of Ancestry - Probate Record 1817

  1. Transcribe the will of Mary
  2. Search for will of John King (again)
  3. Explore the residence at time of death - Tooting which is London
  4. The will indicates that Mary was living with her daughter Lucy who married Richard William Eastwick
  5. By the time Mary King died her only son had predeceased her, within a year of this will being made, yet Mary had not made a new will.


  1. Hi Julie
    I am researching the Eastwick family and have been looking for Lucy King who married Robert William Eastwick Master Mariner and Adventurer. From the accounts I have found so far Lucy was born 1765 but her parents did not marry until 1767. Maybe she was born out of wedlock or was she perhaps John's daughter from another liaison? Lucy and Robert's son Edward Backhouse Eastwick is described as being Anglo-Indian I have followed their ancestral lines and it may be that Lucy's mother was from Indian parents and not Mary Budd at all but Mary adopted her as her own. Total supposition but I was just wondering! I have ordered Robert William's book and hope that will tell me more once it arrives.
    I think I have found John King's PCC will on Ancestry probate date 10 Jan 1805 Saint Dunstan Stepney Middlesex. I haved transcribed some of it but the script is very difficult to decipher. It mentions his wife Mary as not having lived with him for several years past.
    I hope this helps and please let me think what your opinion is of my musings re Lucy.
    All best wishes

    1. Hello Felix, Lucy was born in Puttenham Surrey in 1767 and her birth details are in the registers there. The King family of which all but one were girls were pretty much all dispatched to India to find husbands! The first was the oldest sister, Esther and as the others came of age, they too followed Ether.

      On page 96 and 97 of Eastwick's book there is some information about Lucy and a delightful tale about a painting which I won't spoil for you and I am certainly glad I bought it 20 years ago, I have read it several times and I am probably due for a re-read!

      My family have lived in Puttenham since 1724 and as I ploughed my way through the records following my lines I "met" the King's. Over the last decade I have researched quite a lot, starting with Esther who spent some early time in Australia. I have not done much research on this line for a couple of years, but I will pull out the file and see where I am up to. I was planning to digitise the material in any event.I had not confirmed the will of John, and see from my notes that I had also found the will, but not transcribed it as yet.

      Best wishes,


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