Saturday 4 January 2014

Book of Me, Written by Me, Prompt 19

Today is week 19 of what is going to be a 15 month project. Each Saturday, at around 12.30am UK time I will release the prompt for that week's Book of Me, Written by You.

If you are new here, welcome! The details, background flyer and Face Book link to the Book of Me can be found HERE

This week’s prompt is –  Who Do You Miss?

Having just gone through the Festive season our thoughts turn to those not with us. 

  • Whether that is people who live elsewhere and that we will not see over the festive season
  • People that have passed away.
  • Who do y0u miss?
  • Why do you miss them?
    • Them as an individual
    • Something specific to them

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I know just what to write - great prompt! Thanks


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