Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Apparently I am a potential Rock Star!

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My genealogical buddy friend from Down Under, +Pauleen Cass has nominated me for this.

You can read the blog post here by the co-coordinator of the event, John who blogs  over at Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections.

I am probably the least rock star driven individual on the planet! I recognise that we each bring something to the genealogical / historical / blogging community. We each give our time and knowledge freely with the only payment being a comment, a tweet, a like or a shout out somewhere on social media. I learn't long ago that sometimes the biggest rewards and payments are not necessarily financial.

Nominations are open until 6th September and the voting will commence after then. This is a harmless piece of genealogical fun, and therefore I will accept any votes in the spirit they are given, but  we are all rock stars in my opinion.


  1. It is fun and you are a most worthy contender, Julie.

  2. I agree entirely that we all contribute as rock stars...after all we're doing our best to leave a written heritage of our family's stories. However, Julie, you add more than that by inspiring us with new challenges and ideas. Quite apart from the voting, you are indeed a rock star!

  3. Enjoy the fun, Julie... glad to see just who is at the same gig! What a rock group we would make... My thanks go to Pauleen as well...


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