Wednesday 3 September 2014

Shooting the Past...or is it more than that?

Earlier today I was reading the Lost Cousins newsletter produced by Peter Calver. In that newsletter, Peter mentioned the film Shooting the Past.

I can not tell you why I was inspired to seek the film out immediately. I usually add things like the names of films and books to a never ending list of such material, which the realist in me knows I will never get to see or read them all; not even if I live several life times. Maybe it was Peter's sentence that it inspired him to research his own family, I don't know, but this evening I had a date with several cups of tea and my laptop as I watched the film on YouTube.

You can read a synopsis of the film HERE. I rarely sit so attentively. I usually have to reach for a notebook to record snippets that wizz through my mind, but this evening I sat and watched this film. I can see what it was that probably made Peter start researching his ancestry. With me it was probably the early recollections of the 1977 series Roots, but this program is a close second. So much so that I nipped onto Amazon and ordered the DVD. I had to!

Go on, click the links below to see the various episodes of the film, but before you do, what was it that inspired you to research your family history?

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

Or, has watching the three episodes above inspired you to start?


  1. I have added this film to my never-ending list. (I know how you feel!) I first became interested in family history when (as a teenager) I heard my father and uncle talking about their eccentric aunt. I didn't make much progress, though, until after I finished university and had more free time and some spare cash!

  2. Added to the list! I started in my 30s when I finally tried to figure out where my surname came from.


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