Thursday, 9 October 2014

Book of Me, Prompt 49 - What do I sound like?

The Book of Me prompt 49 can be found here and asked the question what do I sound like?

Actually I hate listening back to myself in recordings or video's. Over the years I have been recorded many times, whilst giving professional presentations, holiday video's, Google hangouts and even on a television program.

Of course, we very easily leave messages on voice mail services and answer phones - I hate doing that too!

This morning I was reading back through some of the recent posts from participants on the Book of Me Face Book Group and was suitably inspired (and not for the first time) by +Kristin Cleage.

Kristin who blogs at Finding Eliza shared a recording of her being interviewed by her sister. It was a great recording and I enjoyed listening to it and was as I said, inspired to share my response to the prompt.

In this recording I share that I have several recordings taken from voice mails left by my late Mum. In the early days after Mum passed away I took to playing these and whilst the professional in me thinks it is a little unhealthy, it has passed and I spent hours recovering those messages. I downloaded the messages as MP3 and now they reside in both OneNote and Evernote, both of which I have talked about on this blog previously.

In complete contrast I have a video of my Grandmother that my husband and I did, the last Christmas before she passed away (Dec 1994). It is a lengthy video and my Grandmother was completely unaware that it was being recorded. Twenty years on and I still can not watch the video and my husband's next technical task is to archive that as a DVD and as a YouTube video that will be private.

Do you have any recordings from your family?

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  1. Dear Julie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on the post about my beloved aunt. I hope you come by often and I'm also looking forward to browsing here!


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