Friday, 31 October 2014

FGS - Connect. Explore. Refresh - Prompt One (Part Three)

The first prompt
"Tell us and your readers/followers what you think of when you here Connect. Explore. Refresh in relation to a genealogy conference"
Earlier I posted about Connect. Explore. Now we are going to look at Refresh

I am a firm believer in reflecting and taking stock. To revisit those earlier discoveries to see if anything "pops". Perhaps data you missed or didn't know you had until you did subsequent research.

Just before a genealogical conference, where technically you have access to the best in the field, revisit those earlier discoveries, shake down those missing and problematic ancestors. Set your attendance at the lectures on offer to enable discussion, discovery of those question marks that reside over your family tree.

Don't forget to refresh your learning. What did you learn? What do you want to explore further? Use attending conferences such as FGS as a stepping stone to discovery. Not just of those missing ancestors, but also of what you can gain in terms of expanding your knowledge.

At the back of your mind ask the following - what do you need to know in terms of
  • personal growth and development
  • in order to establish a result to your genealogical puzzle
  • who can you catch up with who you can learn from, network with and share information and development
Genealogy is a two way street. It is about interaction with others. It is about refreshing those puzzles, friendships and enabling discussion and discovery.

What a wonderful way to Refresh. Stay tuned for the bonus posts Twitter #FGS2015

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