Saturday, 11 March 2006

Goucher/Good - Scarcliffe Derbyshire 1901

In 1995 we made a video of the documents held by my father in law relating to his parents. My husband's paternal grandfather had served in the First World War and later spent some time in Canada, so there was some interesting documents.

This morning I sat and watched the video. There were some photos on it of the Hindle/Rhodes connection then migrated to the US, and I wanted to refresh my memory. I was sidetracked. On the video was the details of the Passport that Ernest Goucher travelled on to Canada. I had a quick look on to see if there was any passenger lists for 1932. I didn't think there would be, but worth a try. Anyway, I popped the name into the search engine on Ancestry and it showed the 1901 census image for Ernest (RG13/3133/97). Nothing new; I'd seen it before and have a copy in the file, but I suddenly noticed something.

Samuel Goucher, Ernest's father is recorded as a widower. Strange, he had remarried, after his first wife's death. Ernest's birth certificate for 1898 showed that. Mother Sarah Goucher, Late Goode, Formerly Davies.

I decided to search the GRO Indexes for the marriage of Samuel Goucher. Well, I searched the indexes from 1896 to 1906 and can not find any reference for a marriage for Samuel Goucher. On the 1901 Census details, I noticed something else too, Sarah Good born Hereford, Bromyard.

It just shows that it is certainly worthwhile going back over old ground, something new often rears it's head.

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