Monday, 6 March 2006

Live Journal, Journaleers Group - Favourite Artwork - Feb 27, 2006

What is your favourite piece of art? It can be either a painting, drawing, graphic or sculpture. Please describe it and why you like it so much. What kind of feelings does it evoke in you? Do you know the story behind the picture? If not (and even if), make up your won story. When and where did you see this piece of art for the first time?

I wouldn't call this favourite, I would say special piece of artwork.

My beloved Grandmother died in 1995 and at that time lived in Sutton, ooh, about 25 miles from Guildford, my home town and that of said Grandmother. I was walking through the shopping centre and in the window of an art shop there was the most beautiful picture. An original. The picture was called Swans on the Wey (named after River Wey which runs through Guildford) and showed, obviously a river and two very beautiful, graceful swans. It was a really special piece. As the shop was closed, I vowed to go back next morning and make the purchase. I got to the store about 9.15 the next morning and in that 15 minutes of the store opening someone had bought it. I was really upset and the poor women behind the counter must have thought I was barking as I dissolved into tears. In someway it felt just like loosing Grandma all over again.

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