Saturday, 20 May 2006

Live Journal Journaleers group homework w/c 15th May

Live Journal Journaleer group homework
20 years ago I was doing, or about to do my O levels

10 years ago I had been married for 3 years and was getting our house organised. We moved from Surrey/London to Devon into our lovely Victorian Villa. Sounds grand, but its a Victorian terrace on 3 floors. I was about to go to University as a mature student and do a BA in History. I also spent Christmas with my family in Australia, boy it was hot.....40 odd degrees!

5 years ago I had finished my degree and returned to Pharmacy, actually to the company that I trained with and am still working for.

3 years ago I was still working for the same company, but had a different job.

1 year ago I was still working for the same company and had a district manager job. My boss had left and I was exceedly frustrated. My new boss arrived in August and I began to feel that as an area we were achieving things.

So far this year I have gone for two roles within the company, and got both.I've read 35 books and am feeling OK with work and feel that I am now on the right track.

Yesterday I worked from home. I went to bed early clutching a pack of night nurse (3rd really bad cold this year) and slept like a log, and the coughing didn't wake me or hubby.

Today I am am heading out for a girly day with Mum.

Tomorrow I will be clearing the study to accommodate the 600 books I bought on eBay. It needs a tidy anyway, but I'm being optimistic thinking I can complete it in 1 day!

In the next year I will have had 2 weeks holiday in Hay on Wye and will feel refreshed because I love the area, poorer because next time I just know I shall come home with more than 8 books. I shall have completed the study clearing and got my genealogical notes in order, filed and totally computerised.I shall fully understand LJ, I shall read 60 books (I hope) and will hopefully still be in the Area support manager role, gaining more experience, expecially on budgets, then perhaps I might apply for the next role up. Things are uncertain at work with the Boots merger, but only because its all an unknown quantity. It is going to be an exciting, busy and demanding time.

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