Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Live Journal Journallers group - Sightseeing "homework"

Over on the Live Journal Journallers Project we had the following question, and here are my answers.

Sightseeing The fairy grandmother has granted you a wish - you can visit three places anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why? (Places not meaning countries or citys, but sightseeing highlights, for example the Eiffel Tower or Ayers Rock...)

1. Travel around Fiji. I know this is a country, but I spent time there on my way to Australia, before I was married and I would love to go back with my husband, so we could have some special time together. Actually, I would love to do the whole trip again, but with my husband this time.

2. Wagga Wagga in NSW Australia, because I have family there and I lived there for a year, and it felt a more comfortable to live than my current place of residence.

3. Sicily, and especially Sutera, because it is where my "Italian" ancestry lies.

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