Sunday, 11 February 2007

The Christmas Quilt (Elm Creek Quilters Novels) by Jennifer Chiaverini

A really lovely little book, from the size of the book (18 x 12.5cms), the decorative dust jacket, and storyline. Indeed the cover has a "read me" feel to it and I wonder just how I resisted to read for so long, but I have read the books in order of publishing.

The book is actually set between The Quilters Apprentice and Round Robin. Sarah and Sylvia are in the attics of Elm Creek Manor hunting for the Christmas decorations. Instead of removing to the foyer two chests and a box, Sarah brings an extra box. Upon opening it they discover the Christmas Quilt.

As Sylvia explains to Sarah the history of the quilt, that it was worked on by her great aunt, her mother,her sister and herself, her memory spirals back to past Christmas's,to those of her childhood, including and especially the last Christmas that her beloved mother was alive, the Christmas following the Wall Street Crash and the subsequent Depression in the US (1929-1930). Also remembered is that last Christmas when Andrew spent it with the family as a young boy, the making of Apple Struddles using a recipe that has been passed down from previous generations both in America and Germany.The traditions of the newest wed couple selecting a Christmas tree from Elm Creek grounds and when Sylvia and her late husband selected the tree and coincidence involving Sarah and her husband Matt some 60 years later.

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