Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Weekend Review

Kitchen Floor
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Over the weekend we decided to crack on with the kitchen/breakfast room. It is a huge room, 27 foot, but was originally two rooms when the house was built in 1896. At some point, these two rooms were knocked into one to make a lovely spacious room to enjoy, but a daunting experience to decorate.

We nearly have all the wall paper off, and decided that the tiled floor was now going to come up. We purchased a hammer drill, which removed the tiles like cutting through butter. The floor underneath the tiles is concrete, despite the hall and lounge being floorboards. We came across an inscription in the concrete from when the floor was last done - I've loaded a photo, but reads J Burgess 1970. Was that the owner or perhaps builder/decorator.
I need to access a local phone book for that year or a house directory.

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