Monday, 12 February 2007

Circle of Quilters (Elm Creek Quilters Novels) by Jennifer Chiaverini

Two of the Elm Creek Quilters are leaving. That means that Sarah, Sylvia & the Elm Creek Quilters need to interview for replacements. - Meet Anna, a chef and quilter frustrated with her boyfriend Gordon who I think is very shifty!. There is Karen who is a stay at home Mum with two young children, whose husband takes her for granted and doesn't really understand that Karen needs more of a challenge in her life. Maggie is another applicate whose interest was spoarked when she came across a quilt at a garage sale and purchased it for $5.00, she researches the history of the quilt and the woman who made it and publishes a book. Russell, the only male applicant who discovers his passion for quilting as he struggles to overcome his grief following his wife's death, and lastly Gretchen whose good nature has been abused by "friend" Heidi, who takes Gretchen's business plan and request for help set up a quilting shop and makes it her own.

Each applicant enjoys quilting and has a lot to give Elm Creek, but who will Sarah, Sylvia and the team choose?

I am so disappointed, this is the last Elm Creek novel on my bookshelf, well until book 10 is published!

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