Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weekend Cooking - Julie & Julia

Last weekend, here in the UK was a long weekend with Monday being a bank holiday. We didn't have much planned and spent the weekend relaxing, walking Alfie and catching the occasional film.

The film of Julie & Julia was based upon the blogging achievements of Julie Powell, who read and cooked her way through Julia Childs book, the Art of French Cooking. The book is now on edition 49, which is a fantastic achievement.

I know the backdrop of the film says it is based upon real events, but was there really a blog? I knew the book really existed because I checked Amazon and the DVD which we purchased last year came with a small collection of recipes.

A quick Google did reveal that a blog did really exist and HERE is the link to it.


  1. Interesting that the blog doesn't really have any entries. I wonder if Julie is still blogging??

    I loved the movie (Meryl Streep is fabulous as Julia) but haven't read the book. Oh have you read Julia's memoir about her life in France?? Much of the movie was based on that.

  2. Yes, there really was a blog but I believe most of the entries are now archived privately. She did develop a new blog but I've lost track of it. I liked the book and really loved the movie. (The book had too much foul language for my taste, but overall a good read.)

  3. I liked movie, but never did get around to reading the book. I LOVED the audio of Julia Child's My Life in France... it's an all-time favorite.

  4. After Beth's post I did wonder if the original blog postings had been removed because of the book or copyright. I haven't read Julia's memoirs and will try and look out for a copy.

  5. There certainly was a blog- I was lucky enough to catch the last few months of it! It was taken down before the book came out from memory. I saw the movie last year and enjoyed it very much- even though, being Australian Julia Child isn't such an iconic presence as she is to Americans. I've heard that her memoir is a great read, but haven't read it yet either. One of these years maybe.

  6. I read this and seen the movie last year. I love movies/books about food.

  7. Anonymous10:09 am

    I really liked the movie (didn't read the book)! It even inspired me to do a little blogging project about eating vegan for 10 days earlier this year... In the end I never stopped going ExtraVeganza!


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