Friday, 2 August 2013

How I am keeping my Book of Me

We are just weeks away from the launch at Geneabloggers of The Book of Me, Written By You. You can read the details HERE. Don't forget to add the launch day, 31st August 2013 to your planner.

Over on the Facebook page there was a discussion on how to record or keep The Book of Me. Interestingly, the majority of those in the group have decided to keep their Book digital and I guess that reflects what kind of world we live in.

My own Book of Me is being kept in a blog format. The blog is private, but periodically I may share bits of that blog here with you all. I will though, each week announce the prompt using Geneabloggers and the Facebook page and over on Facebook there can be facilitated discussion about the prompt. That may also appear on this blog too.

I have already set up my private blog and in addition to the prompts I thought that I might record other memories that spring to mind, this includes the few prompts that have popped up on the Facebook page.

I also plan to add scans from the notebooks that I created when visiting elderly relatives. I also think that I might share periodically a photo from my personal collection with details of who and when.

I am going to use the blog tags to separate posts. I plan on using the following tags, although there maybe others.
  • Book of Me
  • Photos
  • Other Memories
  • Journal
The point of the organised tags is that in the future I plan to print into book form, I may though separate the Book of Me prompts from other posts.

The book of me is a journey. Some of the prompts are basic, others might be emotional and some may be "deep". You do not have to complete all the prompts and you may choose to substitute some prompts. I would recommend you date your individual writings. 

There is further information on my website -

  • Information, which explains how this project came into existence is HERE 
  • Information with a genealogical slant is HERE 
  • The Book of Me in association with Geneabloggers - HERE 
  • Facebook group  - HERE

The Face Book group is currently set to closed, but once the discussions get underway the group will change to secret allowing comments and discussions to be private among those who are members of the group.


  1. Sounds good. I have a private blog I use as a sort of journal so I may do it there but lately I've been computered out so I may use a note book.

  2. Not sure how I'll approach it yet. will have to give it some thought...not sure I'm game to go with prvate blg entries...likely to have a whoops moment and publish it, unless this is an excuse for a whole new blg...did I just say that?

    1. You did just say that! I agree a private and new blog gives the option to print or export into a book. For those prompts that handwriting is part of the exercise you can write that a journal and or can scan to the private blog.

    2. I'll go for yet another blog (for my private parts) because I am comfortable with that medium and copy more general stuff to Thinking I might move out of my comfort zone and use Wordpress for the private blog.


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