Friday, 2 August 2013

Irritated?.....You Bet I Am!

I love receiving comments on my blog or perhaps an email. I try and respond to comments on the blog as I find that can be very interactive. So I was extremely irritated this morning to receive a comment advising me that it would have been more useful to have posted a picture alongside a list of names that had been transcribed.

Over the last 4 months I have been moving material from my website located on the servers at my ISP to a new site. As part of that older site there were transcriptions of War Memorials and Grave Stones and perhaps no picture.

Many of the transcriptions were done sometime between 1986 - 2010 and in those early years any pictures would not have been digital ones. There maybe a picture and I need to scan it, and in some cases no picture exists. I can tell if a photograph was taken by looking in my journal.

Whilst I appreciate comments, suggestions and friendship I do not appreciate someone that has never interacted with me before advising me that I can do better. Not only is it bad manners, but that individual is not looking at the wider picture. I had choices -
  1. I could post a transcription and no picture 
  2. I could post nothing
What I did is a no brainer! better some detail than none. So my advise to those who are dismissive of other's efforts. Be grateful that someone has bothered to transcribe with or without a photograph.

As I said, irritated? you bet I am.


  1. First, I get it. It's frustrating to get comments like those on your blog. However, the way in which we respond to those comments determines the volume and frequency of comments we get in the future.

    That being said -- and I'm playing devil's advocate here (since you didn't post a link to the blog post in question) -- did the blog post indicate that the transcription was done between 1986 and 2010? Was there any indication that you were moving stuff from your old website and integrating it into your blog?

    I don't know from your description of the comment what sort of tone the author used, so I have no idea what their goal is in seeing a scan of a list of names that was transcribed (seems like a list of names would have been sufficient to determine whether they needed to get a copy of the document -- in which case, they should have simply asked for a copy, in my opinion). However, I doubt that it was intended as a personal attack on you, but merely as a method of indicating how the information would have been more helpful to the commenter. Again - I have not read the comment, so this is all pure speculation on my part.

    So take a deep breath and let it go. It's not worth the stress. Bottom line: it's YOUR blog and you can write it the way YOU want.

    Good luck moving all your stuff over - I had to do that a short while ago, and it IS a pain.

    1. Thanks for responding. You are absolutely right and I did respond via the post in question, in a nice way. The post didn't say I was moving material over,but it did state when the data was transcribed - more than 10 years ago. I have deliberately not linked to the original post and this post will not be shared on that blog, I have vented here!

      I am going to let it go as you rightly suggest; and thanks for reminding me that this is my blog. I appreciate the voice of logical reasoning.

  2. Julie I think you have been generous both with the Info and your response. I'd be inclined to see it as indicative of the "gimme" approach that seems increasingly common in recent years...or maybe I'm being grumpy.

    If the person had a specific interest they could have just asked politely. blog discussion should still be subject to basic courtesy. Jennifer from A flesh and bone
    Foundation has a good footer on this.

    Glad you took a deep breath nut they didn't deserve it


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