Friday, 16 August 2013

Wonderful News - Family Connections!

PictureRegular readers of this blog may recall my research into the life of my Great Great Aunt Edith Jelley nee Matthews. You can read the details on the webpage HERE.

Well research showed that the little boy in this photo did indeed marry and have a descendant. I spent some time yesterday pondering on whether I should make contact.

I located a road name,but not the number. Directory Services could give me a phone number but not a house number so it was either phone and potentially sound like and excited mad woman or write a letter and hope that the post man (or woman) knew their customers.

I pondered and pondered. Watched the news over lunch and pondered a bit more. In the end I decided that I would probably sound a bit enthusiastic, perhaps a bit excitable, like Alfie does when he knows or senses it's WALKIES time.

I rang, and after a few rings the phone was answered. I explained who I was and what I thought I knew and after a few moments, I was greeted with the voice of my several times removed cousin. This is the first contact this side of the family had spoken to my branch of the family. How wonderful is that?

I shared what information I knew, offered  copies of the photographs I had and in exchange I was given the small snippets of information that really I think define the issues that arose once Edith had passed away, aged 40 in 1921. I left my phone number, so we might keep in touch.

As I shared the information with Stuart during our time walking Alfie, I felt a strange sense that perhaps somewhere, looking down was Edith, knowing that perhaps that despite it being over 90 years later, someone, somewhere still cared enough. I can now look at this picture and see things in a different light, and know that whilst some would perhaps not have telephoned, I am glad I did.


  1. Anonymous1:29 am

    That is WONDERFUL news indeed, Julie. Congratulations!!!
    Compliments also on your painstaking research into Great Great Aunt Edith and also your recording of the process. Excellent work. I can relate to this determined research because I am finally getting closer to discovering the eventual whereabouts of my Rosa Patience.
    Have also uncovered the sadness/pain which often comes to light when investigating these fractured relationships.
    The knowledge that someone looking down in approval/gratitude is indeed a delightful and humbling experience. Truly wonderful work, Julie... well done!!!
    Best regards, Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine. My next plan is to see if I can find where she and Charles are buried and what happened to the other child of Edith's.

  2. It takes real bravery to cold call people I find. Often they're receptive but not always...the main thing is that you made the connection.

  3. It takes real bravery to cold call people I find. Often they're receptive but not always...the main thing is that you made the connection.

    1. I was nervous, should I? Shouldn't I went through my mind for quite a while. I am glad that I did take the plunge.


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