Sunday 27 October 2013

Battening Down the Hatches!

The weather forecast for England has been for heavy rain and severe gale force winds, the prediction is for the worse since 1987.

In 1987, I was living inland and in Surrey and can recall the devastation those heavy winds caused.

This morning as I looked out of our bedroom window towards the sea, I could see several tankers, with heavy loads, moored awaiting to dock at Teignmouth Docks. I sure do not envy those guys on those vessels.

The weather has been somewhat dubious all day. Teignmouth is on the coast and is between the second and third named place on the map; in the red bit!

By mid afternoon the wind was starting to pick up and by early evening the rain had started to fall. Now, just approaching midnight, the rain is falling very heavily and the winds are pretty severe. The prediction is for the worse to occur at around 3am.

Meanwhile, hubby has gone to bed, I am just finishing my bedtime tea and then I shall be away to bed, listening to the wind as it rages. So very glad that I am not out on the sea tonight.

"See"  you all on the other side!


  1. Thinking of you - Keep safe.

  2. Hope you are rine as are all those who go down to the sea in boats/ships.

  3. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Thinking of all my "virtual friends" there in "the mother country" and sending lots of positive energy your way. Keep well and keep safe.

  4. Hope you came through the stormy night safe and sound!

  5. Thank you everyone. We did survive and had no more damage than last week's storm. I did hear an almighty crash in the early hours and got up to check. Hubby slept right through - we were fine, but sadly our neighbour's conservatory has made friends with a tree. Ironically they slept through the noise!

  6. Anonymous1:08 pm

    So pleased to know that you, and yours, came through it all OK!!! So did my dear friend who lives quite a distance east of you... :-)


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