Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hanging out Down Under!

What an eventful morning! I have just spent and enjoyable hour or so in the first Geniaus' Hangout on Air. What a wonderful treat that was. Many of the panel were new to this wonderful extension of being online and some, like Dear Myrt and Cousin Russ were experienced and familiar with the wonders & opportunities that Google provides.

The whole concept of being able to explore, discuss and chat informally with fellow genealogists despite the many time zones and miles between us is truly wonderful and anyone who has not embraced this is surely missing out on a real treat.

I know from personal experience that the first hangout is always a huge hurdle in terms of nerves and questions - what if it all goes wrong?  - nothing did go wrong and Jill is planning to host another in a few weeks. This, hopefully will become a regular feature on the genealogical online hangout calendar.

Over the course of an hour this morning we chatted and mentioned some great online resources and whilst I didn't note all of them down, here are a few I can remember - great resources to everyone researching their ancestry, or local history - listed in no particular order
The wonder of these hangouts is not just interaction with others that share an interest. It is about the sharing of resources. Creating friendships and steering the path on collaboration. Even if these resources was known to you it was absolutely worth a mention because sometime we forget what we know, because there is so much material and resources "out there".

It was a true joy to be invited by my Aussie geneablogging mate to take part.

If you missed the hangout - you can watch it at Jill's YouTube Channel, but here it is embedded, for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment.

Congratulations to Jill for taking the bull by the horns and launching Geniaus On Air!

If you want to be kept in the loop about when the next Aussie Hangout will take place add Jill to your Google Circle and you never need miss a hangout again!

As you guys down under would say - Good on ya Jill!


  1. Thanks Julie for coming online early tonight so I wasn't alone with my preshow nerves. I so appreciated your support.

    1. You are very welcome Jill - Anytime!

  2. I am amazed Julie how quickly you produced this and had it online. Great work.

    1. It was still morning here, when I wrote the post!

  3. You were surely quick off the mark, and such a good support person for Jill as well. The truly amazing thing is the geographical spread of the those who listened and participated. Isn't technology grand, even when one is befuddled as I was.

    1. Technology is wonderful. You are right, I have a management expression - you are only as strong as your weakest link, and I don't think there was any weak what so ever, which really enforces the feeling behind Jill and the Aussie Hangouts - the success of it and them in the future, the friendly, sharing and collaborative feature. The internet has truly revolutionised the way we research, meet and make friendships - everyone is a winner!


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