Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Genealogy Questionnaire

Chris, who blogs at As they were posed a few questions about genealogy. I took a few moments to answer those questions, despite having a woefully inefficient internet access.


1. What is the most important detail you want to find about your ancestors?

Whatever data I can find that has survived the test of time.

2. Do you buy certificates?

Yes, for direct lines and also for those individuals where I have a hunch I want to prove or disprove.

3. Do you belong to a paid subscription site, if so, which one/s?

Probably too many. I have worldwide subscriptions to both FindMyPast and Ancestry. I also have had subscriptions to The Genealogist and Origins, when I have wanted to access specific record groups – such as Non-Conformist records. I also belong to some Societies that have datasets on line

4. What has been your 'best' find?

I don’t think I have a best find; I am always amazed at what documentation has survived.

5. Who is your favourite ancestor and why?

I have answered this before in the various Gene Meme and I do not want to repeat myself, but there are so many interesting characters in my family and wider genealogy. It does not matter if they had done remarkable things or were basic and down to earth people, they all have their place.

6. What are you looking for on a regular basis?

Consistently well documented research, including that done by me! - I seek whatever data I can,that will enable me to flesh out the lives of my ancestors.

7. Do you belong to any genealogy group, or family history society?

Oh yes, to many really. I am a founder member of the Anglo Italian FHS, I have belonged to the West Surrey, Hampshire Genealogical Society and Sussex Family History Group for many years. I also belong to the Families in British India Society and the Society of Genealogists. I am a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies and I am a founder member and secretary of the newly formed Society for One-Place Studies.

8. Do you belong to any Facebook or other social media genealogy groups? Would you join if there was one available?

Yes, I belong to several and find that this new generation of family history groups has in part overtaken the Rootsweb mailing lists.

9. Have you ever volunteered to transcribe, index etc.? Would you be interested in doing so?

Over the years I have volunteers in various capacities for various Societies. My first stint as a volunteer was checking monumental inscription transcripts for the West Surrey FHS. Since then I was Vice Chair to the Anglo Italian FHS and am Currently Secretary for the Society for One-Place Studies. I am also a member of the marketing sub-committee for the Guild of One Name Studies.

10. What is your personal reason for being involved with genealogy/family history?

To understand the path taken by my ancestors to shape me into the person I have become.


  1. Thank you for participating, Julie... I find it interesting that many of us are happy with whatever we find. Anything new is exciting. You put me to shame with all that you do and are involved in. I agree that social media groups seem to be providing that something extra that the mailing lists can't.. Immediacy, more personal in that we can 'see' to whom we are talking and the ability to post documents and photos.
    Thank you for being part of the discussion, albeit with problematic net connection and while on a break.

  2. Are you copying this into your Book of Me blog, Julie? I will once I complete it.

  3. It's interesting how "down to earth" our responses are. I haven't read one where someone is searching for the rich and famous.

    Good idea of Jill's too I think.


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