Friday, 2 May 2014

Royal Artillery Attestation Papers (1883 – 1942)

Yesterday I wrote about the Royal Artillery records that FindMyPast have just released. You can read that post HERE.

Later on I was involved in a conversation via Twitter with +Seonaid Harvey Lewis about the various purposes of the columns on the document.

Courtesy of FindMyPast
What a great conversation that was, but I also thought how useful it was. So I am sharing the explanation of the information below.

A copy of this slide will be shared at George's War & at my YouTube Channel


  1. Hi, Julie, Thanks for your explanation of the attestation papers - it helped with a War Memorial write-up. I can't help with the 120/38 numbers, but I would be interested to know if anyone can reveal their meaning.
    Geoff King

    1. Hello Geoff,

      Someone recently left a comment on another post or perhaps YouTube that the 120/38 could be 120 Battery of the 38th Reg - now I don't know if that is possible, so I am now looking into that.


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