Monday, 19 May 2014

The Library Book ~ An Anthology

The Library Book by Ann CleevesThis slender volume comprises of short writings from twenty five different authors. Each one sharing across the page why they love and value libraries and the importance that libraries have played in their individual literary careers.

Most of the authors I had heard of, some I had read books that they had penned and one in particular is a favourite of mine.

More surprisingly, one of the authors had focused their chapter on their childhood years in Surrey, and more importantly the town I still refer to as home. Furthermore, there was even a mention of the road that my family had links to for almost a century. Sometimes, things are meant to be and perhaps this little book which was the first I selected from the library after my Mum passed away, was meant to come into my life and link my present to my past.

It was a lovely book and I enjoyed reading. I feel that we undervalue libraries in this age of smart phones and the internet and perhaps we need to take stock, just as these authors have done and remember the "good old days"!

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