Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday's Tip ~ Microsoft OneNote

Last September I wrote this post, Embracing One Note. I formally declared that I thought I was in love! I loved the feel and workability of the software. I loved the flow of updating between iPad, iPhone and laptop.

Then something happened.

Microsoft did an update and my OneNote relationship has not been the same since. I am beyond frustration. 

I even picked the telephone up to their support team and expressed that somehow the flow of material between iPhone and laptop is not fluid. 

Sadly the support team have no idea of how the iPad app works they are solely trained on the PC version and bless him, he did listen, he did make comforting noises of interest down the phone, but sadly it was not helpful. Other than to stop me becoming deranged with frustration.

The look and feel are not conducive to productivity or ease of working. Whilst out yesterday I went to access a notebook, one of the 31 that I have to find it took ages to locate it, and that was nothing to do with connectivity to the internet. 

When it did locate the notebook, it told me there were no sections within it, there were four. When I accessed another notebook with a word document and PDF file embedded. I expected the files to open, just like they had before. 

Nope, this version does not open embedded files.

I am beyond frustration and sadly for Microsoft, a step closer to Evernote.

So what is my Tuesday's Tip? Never fall in love with a piece of software because they leave you!

So can I go back to my wonderful OneNote relationship?Can I turn back the clock to the wonderful accessibility I had before OneNote was updated in the name of Progress? Are you experiencing issues with your OneNote since the upgrade?

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