Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tuesday's Tip - Recognise a Collection

Created by Julie Goucher Jan 2015 using Wordle
Following on from yesterday when I talked about Understanding a Collection. I ended that post with the question of do you have a collection? I expect you do, and I suspect more than one.

Today's tip is quite simple. Recognise you have a collection.

What sort of number makes a collection? two, four, six, ten or more? Does the number matter? or is the crucial thing whether you are actively adding to, or looking to add to what you already have.

Three black pens on your desk could be seen as a collection. The chances are that they are simply there. A gathering of pens collected from hotels, conferences and other people! If you are actively looking to add to the number does that make it collection? If they are not cheap disposables, but rather flashing Mont Blanc fountain pens does that make a difference?

In order to recognise you have a collection consider the following:
  • Set your parameters. 
  • Consider each collection separately.
  • Write your collection scope that I shared yesterday including any other comments
  • Is your collection fit for purpose?
    • References sourced (sound familiar!)
    • Will the parameters of the collection change in the future?
  • Is a collection the same as a set?
I will be sharing some of my collections over the coming week or so

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