Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - W is for .....

W is for...... Worship

In 2005 I registered the surname of Worship with the Guild of One Name Studies. The name was the that of my husband's late Grandmother. The surname is an interesting one and searching using any search facility produces, understandably many, many results relating to religion and churches.

My husband's Worship ancestors came from Huntingdonshire before moving to Yorkshire. Within the confines of the study I seek to record all representations of the surname across the Globe. I have located a few in Australia, and in view of the fact that yesterday was ANZAC Day it seems fitting to talk about the military record I found for Harry Worship.

Harry, as far as I know, does not fit into my husband's ancestry. So the details that I have pursued are limited and purely for the benefit of the one name study.

This first page of Harry's enlistment papers has his place of birth listed as 7 Oaks, which is actually Sevenoaks in Kent. There is a familiar feel to it, perhaps the person who completed the form knew of the area or simply had written it before. 

Harry is 43 years old and is single. He names his next of kin as Clara Worship who is his sister. Having joined up in September 1914 he served three years before being discharged to due Rheumatics and being overage. His service record reveals that he was often reprimanded, for insulting behaviour, drunkenness and being absent without leave and I think that this reflects the hardships that the troops were ill prepared for.

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  1. I haven't registered the surname Worship before but you can bet I'll notice it now. It sounds to me like he wound up a fairly typical Australian soldier and one not given to conforming as was expected. I suspect some of those early recruits thought it may have been a way to get back to England for a visit and see family. After all, it was going to be over before Christmas.


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