Thursday 25 January 2007

Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

Written in almost a matter of fact style, Narrated by Kate with a flash back to her childhood and the events that took place.

Set in an isolated farming district in Canada, Kate lives with her baby sister,two older brothers and their parents. Upon hearing the news that their eldest son has been accepted to train as a teacher they venture into town to purchase a suitcase. They have a car accident and suddenly they are gone leaving four stunned children.

Written from Kate perspective, about her relationship with her siblings and how they cope and the sacrifices they make to ensure they stay together and manage to survive. This was an emotional story, yet written in such a style that there was no real emotion displayed by the narrator.

There were several loose ends, and I would like to have had a couple more chapters whilst the author developed the relationship between Matt and Kate, once Kate discovers that her relationship with her brother has become the way it has.

Nevertheless, it was a pager turner, and I read this as a bedtime read over the last two nights.

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