Tuesday 9 January 2007

Homework, Week 2, 2007: Daily Smiles - Tuesday

Each day this week I want you to journal about one thing that made you smile for that day. You can be as brief or as detailed as you like. Have fun!

Today I met a colleague and we travelled to work together. We met at the train station where I intended to release a book. I had to sit and wait for about 15 mins for my colleague to arrive, so decided to read and decide where I was going to leave the book. There was a huge queue, eventually the queue disappeared, as people purchased tickets and started their working week, the first proper week since Christmas. There were lots of glum faces! I was just about to remove the book from my back, when a young girl came in moaning about the state of British Rail, (she didn't look that old to remember British Rail!) So, 15 mins later my colleague arrives, and I still have the book. I decide to run for it and hurdled the book onto the seat I had just vacated and left. When I got in the car, my colleague said "Are you OK? Your looking a little flusttered" it made me smile as I pondered why I hate being seen leave books. It is always so much easier in a crowd.

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