Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Homework, Week 2, 2007: Daily Smiles - Wednesday

Each day this week I want you to journal about one thing that made you smile for that day. You can be as brief or as detailed as you like. Have fun!

I was in the office at St Austell today. I travelled by train, because parking is terrible and the journey is 2 hours by road and train. The only disadvantage is that to get the train home, I had to walk up a hill, but that says more about my fitness, or rather lack of than about the train.
I managed to get a seat this morning. Last week there was only one carriage, it looked like toy town and is rhidiculous. Anyway, the train had got to Ivybridge, where a young lad asked in a fairly rude manner if I could move my briefcase. I did, wondering if I could be bothered to give him the manners cost nothing speal. It wasn't until he got out at Plymouth and I left my seat to visit the bin, that I realised that I had forgotten to move my umbrella when I sat down at Teignmouth and was organised and his rudeness had been evened out with having a rather damp bum!

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