Tuesday 23 January 2007

Will You Be Mother?: Women Who Choose to Say No by Jane Bartlett

As I got about a third of the way through I kept getting the feeling that I had read this before. I had a rummage in the study and sure enough I read this as part of a course that I took in 1995 at Kingston (upon Thames) Uni.

At the time, I was reading with academic purpose and had not made any choices one way or the other. Having been married for about nearly 13 years we are at the point of accepting that we are more than likely going to remain childless, not through design, but sometimes it is the way life works out. Having been married for such a while without children, I feel that we have become selfish at how our lives have evolved.

I guess though, we are all in a position to make choices about this issue, and feel that we should accept the choices others have made for themselves. The article, which was included with the book, was an interesting one. In the 21st Century, we are in a society where women, can have a career and a family. Sure there is lots of juggling and financial issues but lots of women do hold down demand jobs and have a family. I am sure that there is real potential to look at the types of jobs those women do, as some jobs are more flexible for dual roles, but that is another subject!


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