Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day One - 10th October 2011 - Part One - Interesting Marker - Rozel Bay Jersey

Having arrived at Rozel Bay at lunchtime we enjoyed a sandwich and coffee and a tea shop. As we walked back in the direction of the car I spotted a marker situated outside the pathway to one of the houses. I snapped a quick picture planning to ponder on the purpose of such a marker.

A little later on in the week we visited a Jersey Heritage site and there I saw an explanation for similar markers.

Typically, These markers shows the owner of the property and the date and the details of all those who had rights of passage. What I find interesting about this marker is the word of conn..ble (4th row down). I believe the word actually says constable and is this in keeping with other odd markers spotted on the island. Very often there would simply be a stone with the engraved name of an individual, a date and the word constable.

I therefore think that this marker is in reference to the parish constable and those officials who had right of access to the parish or the parish building. The date is clearly shown as 1838.

As I have a curious nature I may well investigate further!

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