Saturday 29 October 2011

Sorting Saturday - Twitter Catch Up

I usually mark tweets that I want to read again or those that list a website as a favourite and then do a sort of those posts at the end of the month. Well, I have been slack and I have not done such as post since the end of April.  Here is the round up of those tweets that I found of particular interest.

  1. Word Central - An Exeter based writing group
  2. Exeter Writers Short Stories Competition - closing date 31st March 2012
  3. Bristol Short Story Prize - closing date 31st March 2012
  4. 221B Magazine
  5. History Carnival  - The November carnival will be hosted at The Renaissance Mathematicus
  6. Thinking of writing to Santa?
  7. UK Disability History Month - Celebrating our struggle for Equality 22nd Nov - 22nd Dec 2011
  8. Book - The Polio Paradox
  9. Join a Facebook Research Community
  10. Jersey Heritage Archive Names Search
  11. Share History & a remarkable 19th Century Recipe Book
  12. History in an Hour - Guernsey Evacuees to Northern England during WWII-  Part One and Part Two
  13. History in an Hour - Submissions
  14. Book - The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel & Nancy Garfinkel
  15. Guernsey Evacuee Diary
  16. Book - Post Polio Syndrome - A Guide for Survivors & their Families by Dr Julie K Silver
  17. The British Army in North Africa in 1942 - Imperial War Museum
  18. Book - The Apothecary's Daughter by Charlotte Betts
  19. Genealogy Blogs Organised by Type - courtesy of Geneabloggers
  20. Botany Bay Conference September 2012
  21. The Quilt Index
  22. Australian Historical Association
  23. Bletchley Park Roll of Honour
  24. English Handwriting 1500 - 1700 an online course
  25. Daily Telegraph  - Readers Memories of WWII
  26. Great War Hero Weblog
  27. Author's Licensing & Collecting Society
  28. Letters & Journals
  29. Good Mail Day
  30. How to download material from Facebook courtesy of The Armchair Genealogist

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  1. Thanks for posting this. What a great idea.


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