Monday, 12 August 2013

DNA Contemplations

Trace Your Roots with DNA: Use Your DNA to…Over the last week or so I made a bit of a discovery online. I won't share that discovery, but my thinking processes turned to DNA testing and contemplation's.

The way my brain works is to seek information, read and digest anything I can. Understanding the concept and seeing how I can use the concept in my research, with particular focus on my Orlando line.

Many of my fellow members of the Guild have already started a DNA project for their registered names, and like them I registered a project for both of my registered studies. I have not gone any further with them, that is until now.

So now I am back on the trail of books about DNA especially those relating to genealogy. I have this book, a re-borrow from the library. I have also reserved another 2 books on the subject.

The biggest question I have is around testing from myself when I have no male subjects to compare against. As soon as I can work this out and understand it, I will order a test.

Furthermore, one interesting notion is, that given the historical background of those in Sicily, with a Arabic or Jewish background, I wonder if that will be revealed in my test?

In the meantime, here are the links to my one name studies DNA projects

Are you interested in the DNA aspects of genealogy? Have you come across good books, articles or websites? -if you, please do share I would be interested to here if others gave also found this a mind field!


  1. Despite having had my DNA test done I haven't paid nearly enough attention. Aillin from Sis Gen Journeys has written some good posts

    1. I saw Allin had some great posts & I need to look at them again.

  2. Anonymous1:39 am

    I recently did the National Geographic DNA Geno 2.0 Project test which is not Genealogically based but traces the human migration out of Africa... and is a continuing scientific study which I find fascinating.
    I'm not so interested, at this point in time, in seeking Genea based DNA cos have more long lost cousins appearing right now than I can cope with... How lucky am I to be having that as a prob, eh? {chuckle} Also am unable to access the appropriate male DNA :-( Yep, Aillin's posts on this are most informative.
    Cheerio for now, Catherine.


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