Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Email Control

Actually I am the very last person to give tips on controlling ones inbox. Mine is always full. I use Gmail for email, and have done for about 3 years. It is set to collect email that is sent to my ISP address.

Smart phones have in some ways revolutionized the way we interact with our inbox. I am a naughty scamp; I often check email when I am on the settee, in bed and even out and about. Where I go wrong is to star an item using my iPhone or iPad, because perhaps I want to read again on a bigger screen - my laptop perhaps. Of course that day never actually arrives and I have therefore a permanently chockablock inbox.

Back in March, I selected all email and archived the lot. I felt happy!, but before long I was back to old habits and a full inbox, so I have devised a simple plan.

  • Read emails on any devise and delete them once read. 
  • If I want to look at something later move it to a folder marked - To Look At
  • Image courtesy of Google images
  • If I think of an idea or want to jot something down following reading my email, make a note in a notebook and then delete. 

The aim should be that at the end of every day the to look at folder and my inbox are both empty.



  1. Good luck with that Julie! I have years worth saved, backed up and in folders. I am trying to evernote the important ones but....

    1. Evernote, never thought of using that for emails.

  2. Hope it helps! But I guess you have to keep them in a folder too.

  3. Thank you, so I'm not alone after all... My inbox has over 4,200, give or take 100 or so.. So many marked important, so many with data to be noted, sorted, checked... and I have folders in the side panel and on an external drive... I wonder if I'll ever clear it...

  4. Anonymous1:11 am

    I've just started using One Note for the same purpose re: organising snippets of info, from various cousins I've recently located from all over the world,that arrived via email. I'm doing "cut and paste" and filing in Family Group and on appropriate "page" for that section of the family. Working so far but just have to keep it up... fingers crossed :-) ...
    Have also set up a "secret" facebook group for four of us who are all busily researching 2 particular families, which married into each other, over in Portsmouth UK. This is working real well for us because we're able to post files/ photos/ copies of certificates etc to the same place for all to see and then to copy to their own files, should they choose to do so.
    Cheerio for now, Catherine.

  5. Hi, I set up sub folders in my Inbox and I move anything I feel I might want to refer to later into that e.g. re my family history, confirmation of shopping online etc. The problem is I rarely go through them and my Inbox still builds up, but Crissouli with 4200 - WOW! I aim to keep below 150 and struggle to do that at times.


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