Friday, 6 September 2013

Blogging to become an author......

Two of the three ‘R’s’ have been classed together in educational terms since the 1700's when, in 1795 Sir William Curtis used the phrase, “Reading Writing & Arithmetic” during a speech. In 1818 it appeared as space filler in the ‘Lady Magazine’.

Is anyone else struck by the irony that education was not compulsory in the UK until the Education Act of 1870. Prior to that typically the wealthy, and especially boys received an education of some sort.  Indeed, many of the poor families who did manage to send their children to school typically and repeatedly removed their children from school at particular times of the year. It was these periods that gave the historical grounding to the still used school holidays, such as spring for lambing and harvest during October.

Reading and writing quite naturally go together and very often there is natural movement between the two in a two way flow process.

Samuel Pepys.jpg
Portrait of Samuel Pepys by J. Hayls.
National Portrait Gallery, London
The moment we put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) we essentially become an author. In former years those key historical figures who kept diaries such as Samuel Pepys (1633 – 1703) never really expected their diaries to survive and become a testament to their very existence.

Fast forward to the internet years and every one of us has a medium for being an author of sorts with the creation of blogging. Just as in the early stages of writing, blogging evolves with practice, time and interaction with others. 

The internet has completely revolutionised the way in which we purchase, read and write books. Indeed, it is no longer the serious and devout academics that produce books. The playing field had been opened up and everyone can not only write, but publish their creation.

Furthermore, there is something rather appealing about creating your own personal space, in which to say exactly what you think, feel and wish to share with others. Those familiar with London will know of Hyde Park Speakers Corner, in which anyone of us is free to stand and lead a discussion in the confines of leafy and probably wet suburbia.

Blogging can therefore be what ever you want it to be. It can be a space where you can share your inner thoughts and as an anonymous person, or you can share your thoughts, comments and plans about any subject or various subjects as you wish.  A blog is effectively your own creative sandpit, an open space, a place where you can share your creativity and explore. The world of creativity has taken the whole concept and process a stage further and there are now companies and sites that will allow you to create books of your blog posts.

The technology and internet has enabled each of us to produce whatever we want. We can write and self publish. It is quite possible to self publish and use all the best bells and whistles that would be used if the routine publishing route had been taken. The contemplation that self publish means last resort has gone, as several well know American actors take to the self publishing platform; their plan has just raised the bar again.


  1. The beauty of blogging is that one can cut a seemingly daunting writing project into nice bite-sized chunks.

    1. Quite Jill, I have just been through a series of posts that are going to become part of a publication. Of course I sat reading then wanted to tweak some bits, so what I thought would be an hour job was double that and then some!

  2. I like blogging for the immediacy of the publish button :-)

    1. OOh, you scamp Lesley! Have you ever though, hit publish and then thought. I wish I hadn't?


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