Sunday 15 September 2013

Book of Me, Prompt 3 - Physical Self

Prompt 3 went live yesterday. You can read the details HERE .

Even though I set the prompt, I was less than impressed. I have always followed the mantra if you want someone else to do something, then you should be prepared to do it too! So here goes -

I am fairly short, at 5 foot 1", little and good, although I think there are a few that would disagree! My shoe size is size 5 (UK). My hair is typically short, although longer than my profile picture. Currently in a bob style; and my husband has taken to irritatingly calling me Bob and to my horror, I even answer him!

The new hairstyle was suggested to me by a former work colleague and coincided with a change in my professional and work schedule. The psychologist in me wonders if that is my sub-conscious freeing myself of those horrid previous work chains? At birth my hair was jet black, which then fell out and was replaced with a dark brown. Now there are real hints of grey and I noticed this year, that seems to be increasing. I have never, ever died my hair and don't think I will. A former colleague who was boss and someone I greatly admired often use to remark on my natural highlights, to which I always responded, "you can go off some people you know" -  it was a joked between us, especially has they were completely grey.

I do have my ears pierced, something that I had done for my 12th birthday. My left ear hurt like mad afterwards and despite applying lots of surgical spirit, it became infected and now I rarely wear earrings, although if I do they must be at least 14 carat gold or silver. I never sleep in them.

I wear very little jewelery, typically just my wedding ring, which is a 18 carat gold, 4 mm plain band. My husband's ring is the same, just bigger and wider.

The day we went to buy our rings was a lovely day, in our saved items box we still have the boxes and receipt. We looked at loads, but I am fairly traditional so I opted for a plain band and I wanted my husband to have the same style as me.  My eternity ring, is 18 carat gold diamond set and was my anniversary gift from my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary. I guess I wear that about 50% of the time and always take it off at night, but my wedding ring never comes off, unless it is absolutely essential.

Here we are in July 2013
This was taken a day or two before our anniversary
We celebrate our 20th anniversary next year.

As I have got older I find that the weight does have a tendency to increase. I have no thyroid gland,
having had two surgical procedures
and the result is that I take medication to replace the natural thyroid, it does not completely do the job, but as close as it can. So this means my metabolism is fairly slow. This hasn't been helped by my working life of eating irregularly, often on the hoof, supplemented by the odd sandwich, packet of crisps and chocolate bar, so my poor body stores the fat as it is never sure when it will next be fed. Since I have had a change in my professional life, I have lost about a stone in weight, but I am not going to tell you what the numbers are! but I feel better than I have done in years.

I am right handed and therefore wear my watch on my left wrist. I have a very small mark just to the right of the watch dial which was a burn mark, from the sun when I was in Hawaii in 1991. That mark eventually went, but always comes back when we have hot sunny weather. I have a scar on the little finger of my right hand, caused by putting my hand through the glass in our old back door having locked myself out. I also have a scar on my right knee which I did during a hockey match sometime between 1982 -1986. I have a scar on my throat from having two partical thyroidectomies, we call that here an NHS neck-less, because it was done on the NHS! After over 20 years it has faded, but it can still be seen. I have a few random scars caused by scratching when I had chicken pox as an adult. In my first year after qualifying in pharmacy I had 9 colds and chicken pox!


  1. You and your hubby are adorable. I love the story of your rings. If I ever get to the UK, I will have to meet up with you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Linda, I shared your comment with my husband who responded as he headed off to work that even strangers find him adorable! He is a joker at times! Absolutely if you get to the UK or we find ourselves in the same place, it's a date!

  2. I couldn't help but laugh when you told us that your husband calls you Bob -- and you respond! Husbands can be so annoying sometimes, which isn't funny, so perhaps it's the way you wrote it that brought on my laughter. Nice post. I'm pleased to see that you're publishing the responses to the prompts for all to read. For an introvert like me it will take some courage to publish some of my responses (like this one!). Thanks for creating this "book."

    1. Nancy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, Stuart calls me Bob, he even does it in public on occasions, In fact I have just left him a voice mail and said "Bob here, can you pick up some milk on the way home" that will bring a smile to his face!

      I will always share something each week, and I always publish to my private blog. Last week I shared a more in depth post in my private blog and a shorter censused post on this blog.

      I am glad that you are enjoying the book and only share what you are comfortable sharing.

  3. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Julie, I am having some health issues and "chemo brain" and have sorely neglected my blog. I'm thinking that participating in "The Book of Me" might be a good way for me to challenge my brain and keep my blog going. I know I am behind and I'll probably need to go at my own pace. Is there something I'm supposed to do to participate other than watch for the prompts?

    1. Kathy, Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell and am glad you think the Book of Me can help with keeping the brain flowing!

      You can work at any pace. I would suggest that you join the Facebook group -

      Everyone there is a lively, caring, sharing and supportive and actually it is a pleasure to moderate it.

      The prompts are listed in the files section and you can steadily read through the prompts and other's responses and comments.

      There is absolutely no need to share, only share what you are comfortable with and so share nothing, some share all and some share a bit in public and a more comprehensive response in private.

      There is a small video on week 3 which some say the sound is poor, it was my first attempt, so week 4 is likely to be better! (hopefully).

      The prompts release here at 12.30 am UK time on Saturday mornings, they appear on Geneabloggers a little later in the day and then on Facebook in our group at some point on Saturday.

      Hopefully that answers your questions, if there is anything else then drop me a comment or message.

  4. So you were married in 1994 as well? What date? Kevin and I were married on June 19. We opted for matching gold bands which we bought on honeymoon in Ireland. I lost mine when we moved house two years ago. I still grieve for it, even though we replaced them with matching silver Claddagh fidget rings.

    Wasn't there a "Blackadder" episode featuring a "Bob"?

    1. There was indeed a Blackadder episode featuring Bob!

      Yes, we married in 1994 - a little later than you, our date is 13th July. What a shame that you lost your wedding ring. I lost my eternity ring once, I had meant to take it off before getting into bed and slipped it into the book I was reading. Then didn't read for a few nights and forgot. I turned the house upside down and eventually found it, but oh the panic!


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