Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tuesday's Tip ~ Getting to Grips with Google+

Anyone who regularly reads this blog might have noticed that during the course of the last 10 days or so, I have switched my profile across to that of Google+. Now Google+ was a mind field for me and I am not too sure that I understood it, but with the view of nothing ventured nothing gained I persevered and so far, so good.

Then following a Google Hangout with Tessa, who mentioned the Foodies Online Community was very active and shared lots of tips, I joined. Here, I came across two posts that presented a huge amount of information to those who are, like me getting to grips with Google+

Written by Chef Dennis, there are two incredibly informative posts. Post 1 is about setting up your profile and why completing the various sections is a real help to budding G+ fans. Post 2 is about posting and getting the best out of posting.

Furthermore, I came across a YouTube video by Chef Dennis and that in turn lead me to a blog by Martin Shervington, which I equally recommend.

Google (and Google+) is about engagement. The concept was built as a moving social media format that evolved in time with technology. A profile on Google+ needs to say a little about you in addition to your name. I am not suggesting the fine details of your life, but what you do, what sort of posts are likely to come through your Google stream.

You can link to other social media, Twitter, Librarything, Facebook and of course your blogs, especially those on the blogger platform which is part of the Google family. Like any social media, you need to keep it active and to be consistent.

Google+ takes time to develop and to build upon, in the similar way to networking within a profession does. It is about long term investment rather than instant rewards.

The way to be successful online is to evolve and embrace the never ending features and development of social media.

If I can, so can you!


  1. You are right. I must get into Google+, it just takes time to update all these profiles.

    1. I spent a good hour, then later spent another hour "fiddling"


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