Thursday, 5 September 2013

What does this say to you?

A little earlier this week, I met with one of the two groups who are physically completing the process & workshops of the Book of Me (meet with me in person). After a few minutes of the usual banter - how was your week? and alike, the group started to talk among themselves on their previous prompt and pondered what the next one was. As I listened to them, whilst getting the new prompt ready I suddenly changed tactic and instead gave them this quote
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes. ~ Carl Jung
The group were surprised but embraced the sudden change with gusto. We proceeded through our workshop discussing and writing about what that quote said to them as individuals.

Meanwhile, the Book of Me Facebook group are going great guns on the first prompt. Just yesterday I read a comment from a participant who said they were looking forward to the next prompt. This sentiment was echoed through the group, which is a fantastic response. 

This morning I was reflecting on the group response, the subsequent discussion and the activity along with the content of the Facebook group. Therefore this morning I shared the quote above and asked the question 

What does this quote say to you?

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