Saturday, 16 August 2014

Book of Me, Written by You, Prompt 51

Today is week 51 of what is going to be a 15 month project. Each Saturday, at around 12.30 am UK time I will release the prompt for that week's Book of Me, Written by You.

If you are new here, welcome! The details, background flyer and Face Book link to the Book of Me can be found HERE.

This week's prompt is - Your First Home

This can be either or a combination of any of the following
  • Your parent's home - the first home you can probably remember
  • A home away from home - perhaps collage
  • Your first big purchase
  • The first home with the love of your life and perhaps your descendants
  • Perhaps talk of the excitement, stress and emotional attachments to locations
  • Was your home in your family for lots of years, was it an old house or a new build?
  • Can you visualise the rooms, or have photos?


  1. What a good prompt! At first I thought it was a repeat of another older prompt but now I realize that there are so many ways to interpret it ...hoorah!

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  4. In a the deep end, eh Julie I had three homes before I left school, the first I don't remember My father was in the RAF and when I was born at the end of WWII my mother shared a house in Cheadle Hume in Cheshire with the wife of a members of my fathers’ crew but the first memory of a home was of a semi-detached bungalow in Oulton Crescent, Potters Bar in Middlesex about the year 1947 it was a very hard winter as I recall, with deep snow, I remember my mother and our neighbour Carrie Yelland both struggling through the snow to the shops with large prams me and my new baby brother just 4 months old and Carrie with Billie who was walking, Donald and Ricky were of a similar age to me and my brother Peter Our third home was at Cherry Cottage, 48 Avenue Road in Southgate in London N14 it was a run-down detached bungalow in an orchard on a quarter of an acre of ground quite unusual in London, My father had looked at it for his recently widowed mother but decided in was unsuitable for her but would be great for his family and so it proved.


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