Saturday 23 August 2014

My Lost Son - BBC Documentary (Lockerbie Pan Am 103)

Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial
Taken April 2006  - Julie Goucher
I recall back in December 1988 hearing the tragic news of the air disaster in Scotland; the bombing of Pan Am 103 heading to the United States. 

It was therefore quite a coincidence that I should, a mere six years later go on to marry someone whose birthday fell the same date as that air disaster and that my husband should have grown up in a small hamlet just outside of Lockerbie, where part of the aircraft came down. 

Over the years I have visited the memorial in the churchyard at Tundergarth and the main and tasteful memorial at Lockerbie Cemetery. I have stood and read all those names including those of the locals who were victims of the disaster; and that of the friend my husband lost on that sad and tragic day.

I was therefore surprised when, whilst searching the various television channels for news rather that sport news this evening to catch the end of a program indirectly about the air disaster. I quickly added to the program to record, but had missed about half of it. I quickly turned to trusty YouTube to see if the program was there. It was and the program is available for all to see and I then spent the next thirty minutes watching it.

As you will see, this is a story not just of the tragedy itself, but also of loss at a personal level, grief and the need to make that special journey even if the road of that journey is a tough one.

For some reason, the program resonated with me. I fully understand the need for this tough and emotional journey and admire the courage and determination of the lady concerned.

Below you will the photographs I have taken of the memorial stones.
Introduction and the link to the various photographs - all taken April 2006.

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