Friday 8 August 2014

Video: Thousands of Years of Human Migration in Five Minutes

One of the things I love the most about the internet is the facility to share fascinating material, which opens our eyes to some interesting concepts, and some basic ones at that.

Yesterday on the Guild of One-Name Studies mailing list, a member shared this video.

This video, in a gentle and yet quick fashion shares with us the migration of people, from across the globe. spreading surnames and simplifying some of the core aims of a One-Place Study - understanding why people from "our places" migrate or arrive at our chosen place of study.

The scientific study paper was identified by another member of the Guild and that can be read here.

I was enjoyed watching the video, noticing the cultural magnets in various cities and why some places became fashionable after exploration in another. Whilst, as researchers we already knew some of these things the video puts the data together in such a visual manner it enables us to have some context and gives us further scope for increased understanding into our research, whether our own, or our specific name and places studies, or perhaps all three.

Other sources
Discover Magazine

Thanks to Guild members, Jim and Debbie who shared the various data.

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