Sunday, 25 September 2011

Creative Stitches & Crafts - Part Three

The poetry in stitches exhibition was remarkable and hosted by the National Needlework Archive.

All the material is of course copyrighted to those who made the amazing pieces on display. I was very taken with several pieces and my only purchase of the day was the book that accompanied the exhibition.

The book can be purchased from National Needlework Archive and this third volume has the ISBN of 978 - 0 - 9550790 -3 - 0.

The following photos are snapshots taken by me to show which embroiders were my real favourites and what inspired me to buy the book.

The skill of the people who made these works of art is remarkable. The pieces, once they have finished touring the various craft exhibitions and shows are offered to hospitals and waiting rooms for the benefit of patients on loan and some are returned to their owners or perhaps donated to the archive themselves. Each embroidery was inspired by a particular poem and there is also a small write up as perhaps to why the creator found the poem inspirational or perhaps details as to how it was made.

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  1. Thanks for you comment on my ‘version’ of Auden’s poem. The quilt would have been something I’d love to have seen.


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