Thursday, 8 September 2011

Simple Pleasures - Memories of Beechworth

On the top shelf of my wardrobe I have a hat box which does hold a hat, but also this 

A lovely cream damask make up bag which I bought in January in 1997 whilst in Australia at a town called Beechworth. What was so lovely about the day was the day we spent there. There was five of us, myself and hubby, my cousin and his wife and sister. We had a lovely lunch and wandered around the shops including some lovely antique shops, listening to my cousins reminisce of their childhood and things they remembered.

The shop where I purchased this bag sold lots of linens and cottons, and had a beautiful smell of lavender and a very cosy feel to it. I wonder if it is still there?

A complete simple pleasure.

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  1. Simple pleasures, a day remembered --- these are the backdrop, the warp and weave of our lives.

  2. Beechworth is still beautiful. Lovely shops, historic sandstone buildings and natural beauty. Wellvworth a stop on a Sydney to Melbourne driveThanks for rekindling memories.

  3. That truly is a Simple Pleasure...memories and a treasure to take home!


  4. Don't you just love things that bring back such rich memories? I have a few things that take me directly back to the day I purchased them, and usually the day remembered is what makes the article so special.


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