Saturday, 3 September 2011

Weekend Cooking - Rissoles

Last weekend here in the UK was a holiday, which meant an extra day off work, well it would have done except that I worked last Saturday.

On Sunday we had a joint of roast pork. As customary, I planned to have bubble and squeak on Monday using the left over vegetables. I then remembered that my Grandmother used to make Rissoles with the meat using a mincer.

I still have her original mincer, but elected to buy mince lamb and use that instead.

  1. First, peel and boil the potato. 
  2. Lightly brown the mince - I used my electric fry pan. I didn't add any butter, and let it cook in its own juice with an onion. 
  3. Mash the potato. I added a little butter and milk and pepper.
  4. Place the potato and mince in a mixing bowl and mix together
  5. Flour a bread board and then make scone shape with the lamb and potato mix
  6. Add to a pan to cook. I added to a frying pan with no oil and keep turning.
I served with the bubble & squeak, but any vegetables would do!

 Weekend Cooking is a weekly event and hosted by Beth Fish Reads


  1. I've had bubble and squeak but I'm not sure I've had rissoles (at least I don't remember them). Sounds like the ultimate comfort food.

  2. Indeed a comfort food; I especially love mash potato!

  3. never heard of rissoles ..although my mother had several recipes to use up leftover mashed!

  4. Other than the meat, this sounds very much like a boxty recipe I made.

    Why did I think rissoles were a rice dish?:<)

  5. Never heard of this but it sounds and looks really good!
    Here's Mine

  6. I don't think I've heard of rissoles. Thanks for the lesson!
    Joy's Book Blog

  7. Sounds really good! I just love the name "bubble and squeak" - makes you want to smile!

  8. Sounds like a very forgiving recipe where you can use what is on hand. Love that kind of cooking.


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