Saturday 10 September 2011

Weekend Cooking - Peas!

A week or so back I was in the local supermarket and spotted two bags of fresh peas. How could I resist? I had to buy them.

I was plunged back to my childhood, of my grandmother visiting the local market at Guildford; probably Hones or perhaps Pratt's stall and purchasing peas all wrapped in newspaper. We would then sit together and  shuck them. I love fresh peas and usually blanch some during the summer months and have them for Christmas dinner.

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  1. What is better than fresh peas? I love the idea of having a taste of summer at Christmas.

  2. I grow peas just for those three or four perfect bowls of peas every year!

  3. Nothing better! Fresh from the pod, I just could eat that whole bowl :)

  4. I never had fresh peas from the pod before. For some reason I have never been on the lookout for fresh peas. It is odd, because I do love my veggies fresh.

  5. My mother used to send us to the garden to pick them first. We'd shell them and then have them with dinner that night. I'm sure the only reason she planted them was to entertain us during summer vacation.(or rather to get us out of her hair).


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