Friday, 9 September 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - Swinnerton Society Millennium Banner 2000

Not strictly a postcard, this card was sent to me by an acquaintance knowing of my genealogical interest. I don't have any interest in this particular surname, but I do admire the skill of those researchers who designed and then embroidered the banner which was used for the Millennium celebrations in 2000.

Submitted as part of Postcard Friendship Friday hosted by The Best Hearts are Crunchy


  1. Quite an international embroidery, a nice idea for the millennium. Easy to track ones ancestors with an unusual name like that.

  2. Amazing! That was all embroidered? I wish I had some of those skills.

  3. am I correct in thinking that's at outline of Staffordshire in the middle?

  4. It is beautiful. I can just imagine the loving effort placed into that creation.

    Happy PFF!


  5. Yes, all embroidered and that is an outline of Staffordshire. Some real skill and talent in putting that together. Thanks everyone for stopping by.


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